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It's  from within

Mission Statement:

Invisible beauty inspires young women to build positive relationships, positive identity and embrace self-care by loving and getting to know themselves; never losing their "I AM."


Our hope is that each woman will begin to exercise a leadership role in their home, school, church and neighborhood because of the relationship they built within themselves; becoming comfortable with who they are inside and out.

Positive Identity

 Invisible Beauty is committed to women thinking, feeling, acting and being present in who we are, and loving that person. The focus of this pillar is to help women discover their beliefs and values that guide us in life. Each activity strives to push a positive mindset, have personal growth, add nourishment to the soul, provide a space to seek understanding and explore current outlooks on life.   

Positive Relationships

 Invisible Beauty is committed to building positive relationships. Relationships, kinship and the development of one's self are identified through our personal relationship with ourselves (being honest with the inner self) and shows in how we interact with others. It is our goal to improve how we address ourselves in order to build with others. Every social connection helps create a sense of belonging and acceptance. 


 Invisible Beauty allows women to enter a space that promotes future focus habits and creates opportunities to reset emotionally and physically. Each activity focuses on; creating an awareness of feelings and emotions, dealing with stress, cultivating a sense of compassion, sexual health (cleanse temple) and overall love for themselves. 


All of our pillars allow us to fill women up with self-love, inclusion by discussing similar obstacles, building trust among other women, continuous learning and integrity. Invisible Beauty hopes to address adverse experiences in young women that often cripple communities and family generations. When people can put words to what happened to them and discuss how it makes them feel, they can move forward with strategies to cope; journaling and art is key for us.  

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