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There's a gift inside of you that the world needs! Your destiny will only be experienced and fulfilled outside of your comfort zone. STEP OUT! One of the keys to walking victoriously is being aware of what stops you from moving. Awareness starts here, with the Invisible Sisters Retreat!
Mar 04, 2022, 12:00 PM CST – Mar 06, 2022, 5:00 PM CST
Location is TBD

What to expect in each season:


Nature: Fall is marked as a time of harvest. A time of pruning in preparation for winter. Leaves fall from trees; a time of transition.

Spirit: Represents a time of harvest when the believer bears their fruits. More correction and shaping from God is required to prepare the individual for the long winter season.



Nature: Winter is marked as a long and dreary season. It is a time of heartgrowth (inner growth) in trees and plants.

Spirit: This represents a time of introspection and the examination of our heart and motives. A time of allowing God to make changes in us. A time for strengthening up and maturing.


Nature: Spring is marked as a time of cleansing and restoration from the difficult days of winter. Soil rotates; Refreshing rains. A time of transition. A time of pruning and re-growth.

Spirit: Represents a time of joy and glory after dormancy and hardships. A time of pruning: This is a time when God shapes and molds his people.



Nature: Summer is marked as a time of extreme dryness and heat. Marked by a need for more water than usual to sustain strength and life. Top of the ground cracks from heat.

Spirit: Represents a time of spiritual dryness. A time of needing more spiritual food than usual to stay replenished. True believers come out of this season stronger. Others may stumble, sometimes permanently in this stage.

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