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There's a need for women to stand together. We have faced rejection from past relationships and brokenness from unhealed scars. We walk in fear and doubt at times; women rarely come together. Although we need each other to heal, to be, to create. Here's an opportunity to build through storytelling because at the root in which we grow, there is the seed of acceptance. Self - acceptance is more precious than rubies or gold. 

The challenge today is accepting our visions, thoughts and opinions. This page is a great way to get comfortable connecting with your intuition in your journal and in a community with other women. I will also post answers to keep the dialogue going!  


Feel free to post words, sentences, pictures, whatever makes you comfortable to answer the question.   


There’s always something new to learn and deeper wisdom to be found each time you post or read comments from others.

Trust the process

Embrace the beauty of becoming

Follow the invisible

Be well. :) 

In Her Own Words:

What piece of beauty did you discover today?

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