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The Woman Behind Invisible Beauty:

As an avid sports fan and believer in the community, Tyra Eiland started off channeling her passion with the Milwaukee Bucks. She moved every year prior to landing in Wisconsin in 2006. At some point along the way, she got accustomed to the city and its people; getting a sense of home. She wasn’t just hooked on the Wisconsin cheese curds, but the sports. She was specifically interested in the Milwaukee Bucks. Tyra has had the honor to serve in many different positions within the Milwaukee Bucks organization. In May 2016, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BA in Media Studies.


At the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, Tyra transitioned into a full-time broadcast role. In her new role as the Multimedia Content Creator, she was responsible for the creative process of content from start to finish. Her main responsibilities were with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bucks G League Affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd and the NBA 2K League Bucks Gaming.


Prior to this role, Tyra served as Senior Coordinator within the Corporate Social Responsibility Department. She was instrumental in determining the role in which the team would take part in the community. The Milwaukee Bucks prioritized the social impact focus areas which guided the work that the social responsibility team delivered during Tyra’s time of service.


In addition to the social responsibility team, she was responsible for working in conjunction with local nonprofit organizations, key team partners, and the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation; the primary charitable and donation source.

Tyra’s ability to prioritize, envision, and use strategic thinking, allows her to bring light and life to all facets of the organization.  Most importantly, her passion to inspire young women makes her a great asset for the Milwaukee Bucks Organization, as well as the Milwaukee community.


Tyra also established Invisible Beauty; an independently ran company focused on empowering women: to see, believe in, and understand their own beauty from within. Instilled with a passion for inspiration and empowerment, she focuses on providing women with the necessary tools to create and understand their identity, as well as building positive relationships in all aspects of their life. She also founded I am Invisible Beauty, which is the Non-Profit arm. 


Before her work began with the Bucks, Tyra competed in pageants in the Miss America and Miss USA Organizations. In 2014, she competed for Miss Wisconsin as Miss Southern Wisconsin and had the honor of placing 2nd runner-up to Miss Wisconsin. The following year, her time with the Miss America Organization came to an end as she completed her last year as Miss West Allis 2015. Later that year, she went on to compete for the title of Miss Wisconsin USA 2015 and placed 1st runner-up! Throughout her reign in both programs, Tyra fostered her beliefs and love for community work. The passions above, led her to the creation of Invisible Beauty and Invisible Stories Media, a newly created media company.  

“My leadership skills, the ability to lead a group of young individuals to be the best they can, will work hand and hand with my purpose in life. My first goal is to inspire and everything else after is a plus.”




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