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Our founder, Tyra Eiland, reflects on her journey thus far.


“I remember how important it was for me to build a powerful and dynamic career when I first started working for the Milwaukee Bucks. I knew the drive came from watching my mother overcome so many obstacles but I was not sure how to achieve this dream that I honestly couldn’t fully see. I knew I had something to contribute, I knew that I had a purpose but I did not know where to start.


I got lost in the day to day. I had running thoughts from focusing on “success” then I began to doubt myself and the next step.


I always wondered if there was some unwritten rule to get ahead that women who have “made it” did not tell me. Truth is, there’s not.  It started with me and my inner truth of what I believed I am capable of and that’s where it will all end.”


Join one of our sessions to take a walk down memory lane and meet the little girl that lives within you. She’s looking for the steps to become the woman she was created to be. We have a plan! We initiate positive conversations, engage with like-minded individuals, and foster a positive space and a sense of accomplishment; all things are possible.

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