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Invisible Beauty creates spaces for women to be seen, heard and empowered by teaching women how to transition from wondering how to be beautiful to gracefully living beautifully. We redefine beauty as being grounded in the right identity, constantly evaluating how one responds to life’s crisis, while maintaining a healthy relationship with self, then others. Our hope is that each women will begin to embrace the beauty of becoming known to herself, then others. The answers are all found in the secret place, it’s from within!

This experience
is for you if...

If you’re an influencer/leader who wants to experience truth, hear different perspectives, desire to upgrade your life,
looking for a deeper meaning or want stronger connections.

This experience
is not for you if...

If you're looking for a formula that's going to change your life overnight. You'll have to do your part too! The real work starts with you.  


Durable Beauty
In order to maintain beauty we must welcome a space of reflection. Lack of self-reflection creates room for double-mindedness. Every thought within seeps out at some point. It’s critical to identity how survival habits lay the foundation for daily responses. During our time we’ll teach you how to apply the H.E.A.R.T. method.

Beauty Mentality
The key to growing relationships is identifying healthy boundaries. It’s important to train yourself to see, hear and express your inner being. This method allows room for you to process your experiences; past and present. Then practice addressing conflict with vulnerability, pouring genuine love and building boundaries with others.


Inner Beauty
Real beauty comes from within. Often women seek confirmation from others and end up missing their sense of belonging. Beauty is walking in ones authentically boundaries and good character. Without these attributes you will find yourself following the crowd. In this workshop learn how to lead from within, behind, and from the bottom.

This experience...

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